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Free 401(k) or 403(b) Plan Assessment

Allow CecilCo's AIFA® Certified Professionals to conduct an assessment.                                                                                     

Is your plan up to today’s standards? Are you meeting your fiduciary obligations to your plan participants as outlined under ERISA? Pricing for 401(k) or 403(b) plans has dropped significantly over the past few years.  Are your investment options performing well relative to their peers? Plan features have evolved to help employees better meet their retirement goals.

Meeting with one of our AIFA® Certified Professionals  for a thorough plan evaluation can provide you with valuable market information and may result in substantial savings in time and money, and help by our efforts to insure your plan is in compliance with ERISA regulations.

CecilCo 401(k) Managed Solutions advisors are local and completely independent of any one plan provider.  We have the ability to analyze existing plans and / or make recommendations from a menu of retirement plan products or platforms that may better suit the needs of your company.

By taking advantage of a no-cost, no obligation meeting with a one of our AIFA® Certified Professionals   you can:        

  • Uncover hidden costs or unnecessary fees, which can often reduce your plan costs substantially.                                         
  • Assess how your current plan investments option performance compares to alternatives in the marketplace.
  • Put you on the path to meeting your fiduciary responsibilities under ERISA.
  • Recommend solutions or options that may improve overall plan performance and satisfaction.
  • Ensure you are providing the best plan possible to participants.

To schedule an assessment meeting, please contact us.