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The CecilCo Participant Experience

Transforming the Participant Experience

Retirement communications have reached a tipping point and CecilCo is looking to embrace a new path. One that enables powerful and empowering participant experiences.  CecilCo Participant Experience Worksite Overview

Guiding Participants to the Next Best Step

CecilCo will provide customized announcements and enrollment materials (both in print and electronically) in conjunction with professionally conducted meetings to explain your plan features and the opportunities to benefit from participation. Newsletters, detailed statements and online tools help re-enforce good choices.

Workplace Education & Guidance

With the help of our preferred recordkeepers, we will provide employers regular communications to distribute to their workforce which will include links to automated tools for participants meant to help them better to achieve “Retirement Readiness” and to create better investing behavior.

We also offer worksite presentations covering topics focused on the particular needs of the following retirement life stages & age groups:

  • Getting Started
  • Mid-Career Savers
  • Approaching Retirement
  • Early Savers
  • Living in Retirement
  • General Audiences

Focus by Life Stage with a Direct Approach

We will provide customized content sent directly via email to participants based on their Life Stage to help them develop improved behavior leading to better overall Financial Wellness. These messages include short videos, articles and links providing guidance on a wide range of areas such as Investing, Social Security, How to Access the Website, Current Economic Issues and many others.

Live Participant Service Team

In addition to the now common 24/7 automated VRU and WEB systems offered by our preferred platform partners, our assigned live multi-lingual 401(k) representatives are plugged directly into the custodial recordkeeping systems to assist participants in obtaining REALTIME information. CecilCo participant service representatives provide particpants with assistance for distributions, loans, hardship requests as well as general account questions which normally would fall to the employer's staff as required under section 3(16) of ERISA.

Benchmarking Participation Statistics

We regularly measure a variety of participation rates, transaction activity and investing statistics to help gauge the health of your plan. We then compare these data points to national and sometimes industry averages. Results revealed help formulate a strategy of improved plan design, enrollment campaigns and investment solutions – all focused on improving the performance of the plan for all participants.

Sources of survey data include The Annual Plan Sponsor Magazine Survey, Plan Sponsor Council of America, The Vanguard Group, Inc., Deloitte Development Group, Aon Hewitt.

Life Stage Sample Presentations:

Use these presentations to help participants make more informed decisions about investing and planning.

More presentations are available by contacting us.