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Expert Plan Consulting & Administration

Holistic and Client Focused Plan Consulting

Filtering through the nearly endless choices in retirement programs can be overwhelming, both for your organization and for your employees. It takes a big-picture view of the future, a deep understanding of the retirement plan environment and the right perspective. Our Proactive Consulting Focus includes:

  • Fiduciary Governance and Training
  • Plan Design & Document Management
  • Plan Participation & Operation Evaluation
  • Regulatory Compliance and Correction Solutions Programs
  • Merger & Acquisition Consulting

For employers and employees alike, the goal should be overall financial wellness. That’s the key to a well-planned retirement strategy for your organization and your employees. more

CecilCo ERISA 3(16) Administrator Support

We provide limited 3(16) fiduciary services that allow employers to save time and focus on their core businesses. Plan operation and interpretation, confirming contribution submission, distribution of enrollment and notice materials as well as the administration and approval of loans, hardships and distributions are part of the 3(16) requirements of ERISA. With our limited 3(16) services, you will outsource these duties to us.

Customized Plan Design

How a retirement plan is structured plays an important role in its overall success. Establishing and meeting objectives is the primary goal.

Plan Document Management

Once a plan is designed, it must be converted to written Plan and Trust documents which meet the requirements of government regulations.

While it is important the initial design of a plan meets its objectives, it is also critical to continually monitor the plan to ensure it is keeping pace with the changing needs of the company and its employees.

Complete Government Testing and Reporting

CecilCo places a high priority on recordkeeping, testing and consulting services for all client plans. These services include monitoring of transactions and all tests required to maintain a plan’s qualified status. We also provide extensive guidance with legislative, non-routine compliance and audit issues.

At CecilCo, we do it all—routine compliance work, as well as special projects necessitated by unusual circumstances. We actually take into account that there are numerous allowable methods to calculate ADP and ACP tests.  We automatically calculate the different test variations to ensure the best possible results for the tests, the lowest possible refunds if a test fails, and for planning purposes for potential plan design changes.